Drawstring Bag

Materials List:
Light to medium weight knits or wovens are suitable for this project. Yardage will depend on the dimensions of your bag. Most ribbon or cording may be used for the drawstring.

Making the Pattern:
Figure out what dimensions you would like your final bag to be in width and length. Add a minimum of 1" to the top for the casing. Add 5/8" seam allowance (SA) to one side and to the bottom for french seams. Pattern on the fold. Place 5/8" deep clip mark on side opposite the fold.

To make 4" x 6" bag with a 5/8" casing, your pattern would need to be 4 5/8" x 7 5/8"

Sewing Instructions :
1. Cut clips where marked to 5/8", fold away 5/8" fabric at the top, bad side to bad side, and press.
2. To begin casing, fold 1/4" from top, bad side to bad side, and press. Then fold remaining to line up with your clip marks and press.
3. Sew the bottom edge of your casing 1/8" from bottom fold.
4. To begin the side and bottom seams, fold fabric bad side to bad side and sew side & bottom seams at 1/4" SA, pivoting at the corner.
5. Turn bag inside-out and press side and bottom seams.
6. Sew side and bottom seams at 3/8" SA, pivoting at the corner.
7. Turn bag right side out and run your drawstring.

Application Ideas :
These easy to make bags work wonderfully for travel, used for toiletry or jewelry bags. They make great gift bags for wine or any other hard to wrap present (and are a present all on their own)! Size them up to create handy laundary bags. Endless possibilities!


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